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Honestly, something along the lines of the "Dilithium 101" news articles they repost now and again would go a long way towards clarity as far as weapon drain. We see a lot of discussion about overcapping here in the forums, and the disparity between beam and cannons as far as the end result of overcapping. Much of the benefit for overcapping beams comes from the fact that they drain far more power than the classic DHC/turret combo you see on an escort; the cannon firing cycle has a shorter "when firing with other weapons" time, which then benefits DHC's even further compared to DC's. What I haven't seen is parses that indicate that overcapping does much beyond negating the "when firing with other weapons" drain, and if actual base damage (before drain is applied) is being affected above 125 power this is a bug (unless you're talking Aux DHC's that can benefit from an Overcharged-type core). Sustained damage... since they drain more, beams should see a greater benefit from having an excess to mitigate this drain, just as they see a worse penalty compared to their base damage without the overcap.

I'm fairly certain we don't want our cannon firing cycles adjusted to match beam firing cycles just so that we can "benefit" from overcapping more...

An actual dev review of one of the most basic mechanics in the game would seriously help us all out.
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