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Originally Posted by wilbor2 View Post
Boo i cant be arsed to make a other char i just wonted to have a look at the new stuff
Yeah, I feel you. I was personally curious about the new tutorial, and I loved it.. wish all story missions were as nice as this one. But yeah, when trying to unstuck the progress of the glitched mission, the game did drop the mission and gave it anew, starting where I ended up, but it was still glitched.

Imo, they should let you drop the mission manually, as well as depart the system, that way you would start the mission in question from the beginning, without the need to replay the whole tutorial with a new character. Really hoping this glitch won't make it to the live server.

[10:20] Your Lunge deals 4798 (2580) Physical Damage(Critical) to Tosk of Borg.
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