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11-10-2013, 08:26 PM
Yes , everyone thanks for your input, Yes , I know all of these things, and yes I have been intensely and expensively R&D and changing up and experimenting with different setups, for dps and pure tank/healer/anchor since my original post, but so far, to no avail. even tho indeed, I have come up with much better builds/specs, but compared to my older specs, builds /success and other current rom sci/tac, fed tac, and klink rom, eng, sci, tac ships and builds in pvp, there is still la noticeable and disadvantaged/nerfed difference..I have posted more feedback and many many bug reports concerning this subject, still no change, tho perhaps the nerf is noticed and hopefully will be resolved with the new S8 change/patch., just seems and with gr8 frustration, no hope for engineers on the fed side/non romulan /klink toon/ships at this point. and others that say , my tank is fine n;stuff, let me ask, are u a human fed toon with fed cruisers? with same toon and experience b4 LOR? or 9/24 patch?