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11-10-2013, 10:24 PM
cannon rapid fire is a duration, and does direct damage to a single target

cannon scatter volley is a instant, and does damage to multiple targets

beam fire at will is a duration, and does damage to multiple targets

beam overload is a instant, and does direct damage to a single target

make sense? apples to oranges, question is.. should there ever be a way to use another weapon type with a tactical boff ability to do damage in pvp besides cannon rapid fire and beam overload?

cause that's kind of mixing two of the direct fire to single target abilities to min max spike

after scorts loaded up to bear with nothing but cannons and turrets, (oh ya, and 1 dual beam) --that's kind of been industry standard for a long time now, ONLY way to do damage in pvp, ANYTHING else has been looked down upon

lets put aside the many other forums posts that cover that this has been around for awhile, that theres been an outcry for a use of beams in pvp, and that over capping is nothing new (maybe new to some, as it has been spreading, but so did making a strait cannon scort awhile back that can shred a target in 2 seconds)

only complaint I hold valid and worth looking into is if dem is getting a bonus with the beams or if dem is getting a bonus with faw, (or with both) BEYOND what it should be doing--

(by the way, many of us have the proc for bleedthru from the reps so for those out there shaking their fist in the air blaming dem, did you look into see if it could be the reps procing at the same time?)

NO one wants to change their build, cause they built their builds to fight in a team and built their ships to deal with CANNON scorts only,

not to forget, these same people ARE STILL having a problem accepting that cryptic is trying to make this game viable for a wider audience and to have a variety of viable builds that could work as a team in pvp, everything that is being called cheese is put into the game to give options, (not wreck your day)

why is it, that if you lose in a pvp, with a ship you have been winning in pvp forever in, the reasons for you losing (new tactic, new gear, new ships, etc) is viewed as broken, op, cheese, etc---

seriously, why is it every damn time this happens? cant you change with the times? build a solid defense against it and adjust? its like 3 sad LT. abilities and some crappy points in particles that screw up the day of any faw build, PLUS, adding atb, rsp, fbp ALSO works vs cannons, so its like win win,
now you have a defense for all energy attacks!

BUT GOD THATS RIGHT! what if cryptic puts something in the game that makes torps and mines viable again!?! what will we do then!! could we then accept you cant build a ship to be the perfect defense vs everything!
do we just hop on the forums and write cry post after cry post about it until they nerf torps and mines back into oblivion?

really guys, was it all skill pointing a ship at a guy and within 3 seconds blasting him to the stars with rapid fire and overload with your keybinds and macros? WAS it really so awesome to need 3 sub nukes to get a kill in good team vs good team? IS it really that cool to have 1 ship option in high end pvp for tacs and really only 1 weapon loadout option but you get to choose the color?
oh ya that's right, the awesome debates, "I run omega 3" "well, I run rapid 3" a lot of diversity there! LOL "I run rsp", "well, I run aux2sif", "well I run epE"

ya really kind of sucked over the last year or so, not much for options with tacs- ships, weapons, boffs,

guess that's what some wanted, they wanted EVERYONE to run the same crap so they can build around it (team wise) and claim skill when they win

final thought,

beams better have a damn role in star trek online,

next to photon torpedos (that are junk by the way in this game for pvp) BEAMS are the most famous weapon, all the shows, movies, books, and other games, you name it- beams that's what owned in fights

cannons had their place in combat, but its a shame they have DOMINATED this silly game for so long now that no one seems to be able to accept anything else in pvp as a rival, regardless what it took to build it or how specialized it is,

want a nerf bad? how about this thought, all tac abilities become instant, no more durations, that would be a good fix I think (at least no one could complain anymore about faw that's for sure, they would be crying all day that without rapid fire's duration, their little ships cant get through the shields of anything as easily anymore)

wouldn't that be a nice refreshing breath of air, hell, we might even see ships that don't just run all cannons and turrets to min/max their damage,

we might see some ships with torps, beams, cannons, etc ALL on the same ship!

a well, doesn't matter really, the next big cryball will be over the rainbow builds that will be due to slam into the pvp cues around x-mas -- hope you babies brought some fresh diapers for that cause its coming
Just because it is not a cookie cutter escort does not mean it should not be in the game.

Win or lose, in the end it does not reflect on who you are as a person, in the end it is how you treat others that really reflects who you are.

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