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Moreover, we need a ship like kahn designed for adm markus to compete,(a REAL DREADNOUGHT CLASS!,) the avenger, seemingly still inferior, esp now whinny klinks said no fair on the command ability thing which now has been granted to their already superior ships in tanking and dps and now even more so, seemingly , unstoppable superiority and resolve, not to mention their already innate pvp team experience they have already been afforded by inheritance from stupid sto execs devs, programmers and their combined under sights/blunders. Fed Engineers, Cruisers, especially, ...huh, a joke, if there is a new way to combat this oversight with what we have avail already, ...I am not seeing it despite my extensive research and experimentation/development with an eng avenger,in tanking and dps vs klinks, and even roms in pvp team and 1vs1,.... are we lost? nerfed? any hope in sight?, or is there something I am still missing?
i have no idea what you just said. i'm guessing something about engineer/cruisers suck, klinks are OP and you want yet another pointless ship? ... right.

klinks are Not OP at all. they're actually underpowered and forgotten by cryptic. my feddy engineer beats the purple blood right out of them. i fluctuate between my avenger, advanced escort, and risian corvette. no, klinks are not OP.

i dont think the federation should get a new ship for a long time. they've gotten the avenger, vesta, andorian, and oddy as their most recent ships. what have the klinks gotten? the bortas, at the same time as the oddy. and it was merely a poor copy/paste of the oddy. nothing outstanding, nothing unique, and nothing really worth making a klingon character to experience.
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