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11-11-2013, 06:09 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Yet another stinker earlier, in ISE.

Without going into elaborate detail, the core problem was generally low DPS and an idiot in a Sovereign who either had chat switched off or was ignoring it.

Said idiot, with laughable DPS, helped fight the first cube. He then ignored the initial two spheres which accompany the first cube and flew over to the first generator, where he started blasting away at one of the transformers.

Said idiots ignores requests to shoot at the cube first. We despatch the two spheres and quickly move to take out the first generator-cube. We do so, and move to start on the transformers. The low-DPS sovereign finally takes his out, whilst the rest of take ours out in short succession, and manage to take the generator down by the skin of our teeth.

Same happened other side too; we were lucky to get the optional on that one.

Sad thing is, whilst lacking in DPS, the Sovereign in question was quite tanky - he died a few times, but not as often as I would otherwise have assumed.

Switched character, to my Klingon, and played ISE again where some idiot in a Kumari decided to call the 10% rule (which I haven't seen mentioned or used for AGES), and subsequently rage-quit because it wasn't followed.
It is stories like this why I never go to elite stf's. I am afraid I will end up as the dumb atrox or oddy here.