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11-11-2013, 07:54 AM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Anything goes in queues. Rightly or wrongly, it just is. If you want someone to blame, blame Cryptic. They have the power, not players to fix it.
Only takes 1 guy to break it and the Code falls apart. It also is one of the biggest sources of qq.
See, I just can't agree with that. Sure, if one person doesn't follow the code - it can ruin things for everybody else involved in the match, but it was still that player that made the decision to break it. Cryptic didn't make them break it. Folks need to take responsibility for their actions.

How many folks get in a car to drive somewhere every day?

How many folks decide to drive that car on the sidewalk?

Do you blame the car manufacturer if somebody drives on the sidewalk?

Just because players do not have the power to police the queues in the same manner in which a society can police sidewalks (ahem...hrmm...I need caffeine)...does that mean that folks should drive on the sidewalks in the queues willy nilly as if they've been robbed of any free will?

Given that the outcome of matches in the queues mean diddly squat...honestly, what's won or lost in such a match?...then who cares if a public queue match is lost because somebody or some group of folks decided to cheese things up? Is it better to end up being the guy that cheesed things up...? Cause that rep can develop as well - it's happening with a particular fleet out there (and it's getting tedious reading about it)...

...what rep is lost in losing to somebody using cheese, eh?
...what rep is lost by being the guy using the cheese, eh?

If one wants to consider what might be attached to gain/loss in public queues...

Meh, somebody said in a match the other day "nasty Tvaro" and it's been bugging the Hell out of me ever since. I didn't see the message in zone until coming back from a smoke. At first I was just curious what they meant, but with my PMs dorked again - I couldn't ask. By the time I remembered that my mails aren't dorked and I could ask that way, I'd forgotten the name of the person that said it to try to mail them.

Was it a complaint or a compliment? About the only thing that's ever been said about Willard the Rat is that he can be annoying, and I've joked that maybe I should have called him Willard the Gnat. Hell, the only comment/complaint I remember from almost two years of playing was pre-LoR when somebody complained that Geist was a Sci Spammer. Well, he was a Sci in a Hegh'ta with 4x Sci BOFFs...heh, so he was spamming Sci.

Meh, now I'm just rambling...