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Meh, somebody said in a match the other day "nasty Tvaro" and it's been bugging the Hell out of me ever since. I didn't see the message in zone until coming back from a smoke. At first I was just curious what they meant, but with my PMs dorked again - I couldn't ask. By the time I remembered that my mails aren't dorked and I could ask that way, I'd forgotten the name of the person that said it to try to mail them.

Was it a complaint or a compliment? About the only thing that's ever been said about Willard the Rat is that he can be annoying, and I've joked that maybe I should have called him Willard the Gnat. Hell, the only comment/complaint I remember from almost two years of playing was pre-LoR when somebody complained that Geist was a Sci Spammer. Well, he was a Sci in a Hegh'ta with 4x Sci BOFFs...heh, so he was spamming Sci.

Meh, now I'm just rambling...
For situations like this, caring too much will make you go completely nuts. It's like that old story of the farmer and his son taking the donkey to market - everyone thinks a different thing. *Sighs* Better to just decide for yourself what you want to run, with some level of self-policing, and take everything else with a grain of salt. While some may rightly feel cheesed off, there are also those who are just sour grapes. In all honesty, if I listened to every complaint in match, I'd be piloting an Eng Star Cruiser with Aux to Damps and single cannons.

I do try to be considerate when I hear that someone isn't having fun, but I am only willing to bend so far before I say 'enough'.
Take it easy!

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