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11-11-2013, 08:39 AM
I agree with you OP. In fact, created a very similar post based acceptable equipment on what the last several tournaments allowed. It went, no where.

For what its worth, I follow the code that I posted. Which isn't far off from yours. That post got similar responses... to paraphrase "Good idea... but, won't work".

The thing is, it doesn't need everyone to make it work. It needs players to police themselves... and if a few bad apples don't... well, we know what type of player they are. What I read here is a lot of excuses why not to... not any are really valid.

I'd bet that a seasoned team of players who commit to these guidelines, would find they still win over the inexperienced with the questionable items.

But, I have come to learn and understand, that there is very little honor, and sportsmanship in PvP. Unfortunately.
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