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2)Spawn camping with OP console powers. KDF have been the worst because of Aceton Assimilators, especially in Capture and Hold matches. (This one is most irritating when they also do not capture the points and the match goes on indefinitely. I have seen several KDF fleets doing this and it forces to opponents to warp out.)
Had an interesting experience last night playing as a fed. After about my third or fourth respawn, I found an AA at the spawnpoint surrounded and being fed by about eight phaser turrets. By the time I had control of my ship, it had already lost its forward shield and was starting to lose hull. And as I couldn't go to full impulse while under attack and as my EM and EPtE were already on cooldown from my previous death, I was pretty defenseless.

I tried to get away from the spawn point a couple of times, but died quickly to the opposing ships each time. It was a small match and my pugmates left, while I continued to respawn to find two out of the three opposing ships waiting to hit me with grav wells and cannon fire.

After that I just sat there and respawned until the counter ran to zero. 28 deaths in that match. My new record.
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The Federation and the Klingon Empire will be competing for influence and resources throughout the galaxy and players can influence the results through PvP battles and a system we're calling Competitive PvE.

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