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Originally Posted by verline1 View Post
it throws the already out of whack pvp even more out of whack.

It makes nothing but damage done and dps matter in the case of dps creep, it removes the need for some cpatian types, powers.

you can also argue that it cheapens the gaming experience by removing any real challenge at all, and focusing it all on how much damage you can go. but you can "gear down" to get around that.

the biggest thing it does is slant teams game play, not pvp, towards whatever the creep is, or which every is largest. Like right now its slanted towards tac captains, in escorts, with 5 tac console slots, or the rommy dread, using DHC's. Why, because any other ship, captain, or set up you could use in pve right now would be sub par, it would work, but youd be done faster with just another tac cap in a ship tweaked out for max dps.

there is no need for tactics, no need for trinity, healers, tanks, when all targets can be melted before they become a problem. lump in that most stfs have time constraints, and you compound people wanting to be done fast, with a need to be fast.

in essence power creep pigeon holes much of the game play into one super effective type, and can make a lot of game play very trivial, unchallenging, unrewarding, and remove any need to aspire to more.

remember its not creep when game play also evolves to be harder, that's natural progression, but this is not that.

I get that people want to be done with things they have done 1000 times before as quickly as possible, but cheapen the experience, or trivialize it too much, and well, why play.
There is a lot more defense creep than damage creep in pvp

Its extremely rare to get nailed out 1v1 vs anything in short order. Only a dedicated vaper can do that, and not every time.

In premade matches it takes a full 3-4 man focus fire to pound down even a squishy who is being crosshealed ad nauseum

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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