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Originally Posted by stonewbie View Post
I wanted to bring this thread back up

I've updated some of my gear, and i'm a bit more comfortable in elites now so i was thinking about getting some AOE abilities. Below is the link to my new gear and boff setup. Disregard the skill layout in the link, i actually have a different one from the one in the link. I just didnt feel like messing with it in the planner.

some other minor things:
-i hit tier 3 with all reps tomorrow
-saving up for XII KHG shields and engines
-saving up for XII assimilated deflector
-undecided on which tier IV rep torpedo launcher i want to get (hyper vs omega)
-working on marauder 4
-boff traits = 5 subterfuge + 3 SRO
-still no access to fleet weapons

My current boff layout was just something i threw together, its not all that great. But as mentioned several days ago i wanted to stay with mostly single target dps until i got more comfortable. I'll include my old boff layout just for comparison and so you guys can get a good laugh out of it

TT1, HY2, HY3
Jam Sensors (i'd never used it before hehe)

Remember this is just my old boff setup i included for new boff setup i want to go with is in the skillplanner link.
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