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11-11-2013, 06:42 PM
I'm really getting sick of Cryptic's crap with regards to grinding. It is NOT content. Let's gloss over the fact they're MASSIVELY ripping off both Death Star trench runs in "The Breach" and let's forget they're basing this off one of the WORST Voyager plotlines (a show that admitted it didn't give a rat's butt about quality or continuity) -- a choice which is akin to building a castle offshore on sand and in the circle of fire with 5 tsunamis heading your way, but oh yeah you added your "own" talents to the design and made it out of paper -- but this ENDLESS grind system MUST STOP.

It's bad. I have 2 free character slots, but WILL NOT start new characters. Not with this pure bullcrap grind system in place. Not with all the changes they made to the dilithium system -- making everything cost several times dil they used to, and making all things that reward dil give a fraction of what they used to. I will NOT subject myself to another grind like that, because the way Cryptic is going IT WILL NEVER BE FINISHED grinding.

My fleet shipyard on fed side is T3 still. My KDF fleet shipyard is T2. What do they do? They say "Oh, fleets have already maxed out their fleet grinds, we won't get anything from them -- let's make a new shipyard tied to the spire grind!"

It's absolutely obvious why they are doing this. There is NO honorable justification for doing this. They're basing their decisions on a minority of the game's progress in a stupid grind system, and shafting 80% of us up the afterburners that don't have that kind of fleet progress.

I can't even play the game. I can barely work on daily needs for omega grind, rom grind, nukara grind, fleet grind, times 2 factions (KDF and FED), times 4 toons. I'm out of time and have DONE NOTHING just barely getting some of the basic grind done. I can't even play the game anymore. I can't enjoy it.

If this keeps up, not only will I NEVER start another character, I will quit. I've done it before. I'll do it again. Cryptic needs to wise up and get their heads out of... that dark place... and stop the OBVIOUS money grabbing grind.

Repeat it with me: GRINDING IS NOT CONTENT.