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11-12-2013, 06:21 AM
Just came out of a Khitomer Space Elite.

Worst STF run Ive ever had, by far, thanks to what I can only assume is intentional trolling.

When Donatra appeared, one of the players, flying an Elachi escort, starts flying right up close to Donatra and using tractor beam repulsors every time he can. I assum he was running two copies from the frequency.

So not only did he shove her out of our firing arcs constantly, but when we finally caught up to her he'd trigger a cloaking cycle.

Nearly twenty minutes to kill one enemy.

Myself and 2 other players repeatedly asked him, very politely, to keep his distance via team chat bar. No response and it only seemed to egg him on.

Thinking he may have switched it off, I sent him a very polite pm explaining that his TBR was sending Donatra out of our arcs and his proximity was triggering cloak.

I wasnt nasty and was in fact very nice about the whole thing, as were my fellow players. I remember getting blasted for mistakes when I was a rookie and cant stand it when I see immature players start swearing at newbies and in particular rage quitting or going AFK.

Instead I get a foul PM back saying that, and im editing here for sake of civility, "Don't tell me what to. Reporting to GM for harrasing"

Since he clearly had been monitoring the in game chat, and since the majority of lockbox ship pilots are long-termers, I can only assume that the whole thing was relishing in a wind up.

Seriously, I get that the game is a little low on end game content right now. But I fail to see how deliberately sabotaging and being vicious to other players is entertaining in anyway. Inexperience, human error, all that I dont mind. But trolling is just stupid.