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11-12-2013, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by shadowwraith77 View Post
Eh his planned build will be sufficient enough to net a good dps range while still a fun build. Granted it won't be an uber faw spammer or park and cannon death, but will still yield respectable dps to handle any elite stf thrown at him/her.
My original build is listed as post #2 and it has dauren8484 as #1 (from when the forums got messed up a few days ago).

The map with the starbase, where the Tac cube comes out of the gate at the end? Someone had a dps meter running the other day and i think i was averaging 8k dps. But on the tac cube they said i was over 30k+ dps. I dont run meters in STO, so i dont know if thats only good, or if its really really good or what (considering my gear quality at the time). I know that there's a lot of factors too like my CDs and how long they were running, how long the fight was and how much dps the other 4 people were putting out. I dunno i guess it was ok, cause the guy tried to recruit me into his fleet after the run hehe.