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11-12-2013, 09:13 AM
Have no idea why you are having such a hard time with your Avenger. Mine has gone toe to toe with a Plasma/Romulan set equipped Oddy and when I say toe to toe... I mean point blank no flinching.. slugfest... in the end it was called a draw because the most we could get was a brief shields down 50% hull on each other.. then a full 100% on both again in 2 seconds. mostly we couldn't even drop each others shields. my avenger still needs tweaking too ... PVP.. when i was taken unawares a Scimitar dropped me.... when I Was expecting the ship a second time i sat there healing and buffing while it tried uselessly to blow me up.... my fleet turned that sad KDF Romulan ship into space dust while he couldn't even get my shields past 50% .. The Avenger well designed and equipped is a decent turning ship that can easily be improved with fleet armor/hull RCS consoles. it's durability is awesome.... and it's firepower can be made very eye opening.

Just do some PVP with fleet mates to see where it needs improving... I'm sure in the end you'll have a tough little cookie that doesn't crumble.