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11-12-2013, 10:29 AM
Well, I had one go pretty badly yesterday. Not worst ever by any stretch, but pretty bad.

It started well, it was a premade group who'd all done the STF before and each of us had decent gear.

But, the guy who was team leader decided that the best course of action was to run past all the Borg we didn't need to kill.... Unfortunately for me, every time I tried to out run them I got shot in the back, and often KOed. This of course resulted in numerous injuries that I couldn't heal. Why not? no idea. I picked up enough regenerators during the fight to heal the critical injuries, but every time I tried to use one the game wouldn't show me the list of injuries to heal. This made it so that I kept getting KOed every fight I was in and it kinda sucked to be me. We actually ended up losing the optional not because we weren't proceeding fast enough but because they stopped and were trying to figure out how to fix my injuries. Eventually we just gave up on that and massacred everything. The funniest moment was after a party wipe, one member tried to kill the remaining Borg alone, with predictable results...

I think the "run past them" strategy would work quite well, if you could manage to not get party wiped, ever. It would probably alsot work better if you ran through as a group instead of in a stream like we did.

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