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11-12-2013, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by starswordc View Post
Sure there is. Report him to a GM for being an @$$hole. That's what I do every time I get a leecher or whatever, like this hatf**ker I got in a Crystalline a couple days ago. Spent the whole match with his Scimitar parked cloaked at the spawn point. I verbally warned him once by PM, then told the whole team to report him for being a leeching hatf**ker.
Well, that's certainly a term I wasn't familiar with previously.

My worst of late was just some gung-ho newbie in an ICE that went straight for the nanite generators every time, ignoring the cubes sitting on top of things and popping them as fast as his little cannons could fire. On the upside, he made good time ... on the down side he didn't communicate worth beans which made things that much more complicated for the rest of us.