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11-12-2013, 12:56 PM
I feel like cardassian lobi stuff would be unnecessary, aside from maybe a nice ground weapon or console set, maybe lobi cardassian boffs with special traits. None of that seems too far fetched.

But the thing is, Sphere of influence had that platform where the secret evil bad guys noted that the dominion was the biggest outright threat to them.

Drawing on that, it would seem like once we've secured the dyson sphere, logic would state that we head back over to Beta Ursae and building on that info, attempt to form a coalition with the Dominion, or at least win favor with them for our Fed/KDF/Rom faction, so that we could then go on the offensive. So we'd have a single player arc where maybe a envoy task force of faction flagships + player's ship would go into the Gamma quadrant through the wormhle, spend a few missions shooting hostile locals trying to find a way to reach out to the dominion, eventually contacting them, fighting them or fighting for them so they'll fight for us, and then ending in us bringing back their toys and them as allies. The coalition arc would also help wrap up the faction war that most players seem to be tired of. Though I myself will miss it, it would work. Just keeping an open mind.

This would open the door for the addition of a playable "True Way." NOTE: When I say "True Way", I just mean it as shorthand for the involved races, not the actual faction. In hindsight, it probably would've been faster to just type out the races. Although, seeing what happened to roms, I wouldn't be surprised if we DID de-fang the true way and got them holding hands and skipping through meadows with us too. Pretty much I mean a spiral wave weapons family, playable hidekis, keldons, and jem battle cruisers, Jem Hadar and Cardassians. We could play as a seperate fourth faction which could ally or join the hostilities in the Alpha quadrant, that'd be ideal.

Another thing would be the fleet colony holding- Needing to establish a colony in the Gamma quadrant would make sense, seeing as we have a couple million captains running chains in all the alpha exploration clusters, creating fortress worlds by the dozen.

Much more likely, it'll be a half mini faction and it'll be canonically excused by using Jem/Card forces to fill out ranks, having to join our factions through proper channels, rather than being allowed to operate independantly in our home space.

Some people might not like the idea of bundling in the Jem Hadar with the Cardassians, my defense for that is that we have maybe half the information on those races that we have for the Feds, Kdf, and Rom. They'd bear more resemblance to a Reman, Orion, or Andorian faction instead of a KDF/FED/RR. So bundle them together, like a detachment or task force assembled of the two races in the alpha quadrant serving their chosing ally like a provisional or foreign exchange program soldier. I also just want Jem in because I'm a big dominion fan, we already have the ships and weapons and set, and would love to go ahead and just to play an all dominion crewed ship without hours spent in the Alien generator.

That's my dream for season 9 or 10 anyway. I think it fits nicely with everything else so far

And back to beginning, that's why I say let's not make the entire spiral wave sandbox something to just give out at an anniversary or fateful Thursday. Let's bring it in with the next related expansion, which couldn't happen if we keep handing out its assets before it even hits the drawing board.