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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Thanks for the response, my main point is with the legs here, I spent more hours than I care to remember getting them right for my character...
We know there are often hours put into making your characters and then months and even years are put into playing them. We don't want to ruin those beloved characters.

So keep in mind we want to find a balance of retaining what you've created while also making the whole system better, easier, and faster whenever you and others make new characters (so hopefully you don't *have* to spend hours on just one one body part to make it look normal and good). Ideally the characters would look "good" from the start and then players tweak for personal taste.

That said, intended improvements can have undesirable cascading effects, but it's not always as easy or the best idea for us to "just revert".

Aside from the hip width which we will revert (which will also thin the thighs a tiny bit), the legs with skirts are a good example.

Before, by default, legs with most skirts looked pretty atrocious from the front and back. The thighs were literally thinner than the calves and were bowl-legged. That meant that a large percentage of players that didn't customize their proportions had *terrible* looking legs, and even those players that attempted to fix it could only do so much...and it still looked pretty bad.

Now in S8, the legs with skirts look more natural by default. However, this introduced a new bug where the waist is clipping. Do we freak out and revert? Only if the new bug is worse than the previous problem and/or is too difficult to fix. In this case, the seam is an easy fix, so we should keep the improved legs and fix the new bug.

This is the sort of evaluation that we have to do on a constant basis. There are thousands of interconnected systems and components in making a game, and a live game adds to the challenges; the plus side to that, though, is we can hear and address your feedback.

Anyway, hope a little insight helps us all work together on making the game better.

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