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I too am really enjoying the new tutorial, it is a great improvement. Of course, there are things I could niggle about (such as someone already mentioned, the Transwarp gate appearing out of nowhere is just silly) but overall, I'm liking it.

I thought perhaps a thread for fixing / enhancing such problems might be useful.

1) My first is the glare I received when first stepping onto the Bridge. Was this a JJ homage? hehe. The entire port side of the bridge had such a bright glare I couldn't make anything out. Thankfully, once I returned to the Bridge later, this was no longer the case.

2) Second, team members and their communications. This one isn't just for the tutorial but it is rather a glaring error and considering this may be peoples' first introduction to the game, should really be fixed.

It would seem that you're expecting us to take Flores with us on the away mission. Since she is Tactical and so is my character, I thought it more prudent to take my Science officer for her heals.

It is quite the immersion breaker to have Flores speaking to me as though she is here with me. She has the ground background and is speaking about things as though she is on the mission. I've also now had my Science Officer hail me from aboard the ship when she is, of course, right next to me.

Is there not a check you can include for the game to confirm who is with us and who is not?

Those are my only two for now.


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