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11-13-2013, 02:20 AM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
FYI... I have changed the title of this thread to be less provocative.

Feel free to discuss your feedback on the actual performance of the ships or the published stats, but let's not stir up trouble.
Respectfully, this thread was posted very differently, than the Avenger is OP thread or the Disenchanted Klingon thread. Read through both threads I just listed and the countless postings about Feds getting more then turning into a bash fest amongst posters and creating trouble, thusfar no post here has caused any grief, but the thread gets a name change and the others still remain, sad truly. In hindsight, I'll make sure to forward the trouble stirring threads so we can clean out the forums of attitude Both ships are amazing from the Voth series, this post is to encourage how one views the playability of them, their build etc, etc and etc.

Thanks for your time