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11-13-2013, 11:59 AM
I have created two new sports due to this project, Tribble Soccer and Tribble Hockey. Tribble Hockey is Tribble Soccer, but you have the Frosted Boots on. It might relieve your frustration of this project, but I agree there needs to be some type of console that can turn off various project because I am sure that the Tribble project is not the only one that Fleets want to permanently deactivate. Or at least have us talk to Nemo Jones or whatever his name is to infest the Starbase with Tribbles and default is with no Tribbles.

The new Spire limited project is how these projects are supposed to be done. It requires a console to activate it and there is immediate benefit to having it unlike the Dilithium Mine windows project that many fleets won't see or have to look inside by doing some Mountain Climbing to get any use out of it. Also, the new Spire limited project is one of the best if not the best limited project introduced.