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- Alternate map possibility v1.
Massive triggering and heatwave effect. Heatwave effect changes the backdrop! So pick the Night sky star backdrop and turn on and off the heatwave using triggers.

- Advanced sanner (V button) usage .
The scanner always point toward the nearest triggerable object. Story board or otherwise. The scanner doesn't point toward reach markers.

If you want to hide a triggerable object then add a small reach marker around the object. Entering the reach zone spawns up the real triggerable object. So the scanner will not point toward the target object until you move like next to it.

The other way around. You want the scanner to point toward a reach marker. Add some small object with a simple trigger task. As the player follows the scanner and enters the reach marker, poof, you spawn off the triggerable object. Practically you added scanner pointer to a reach marker.

- Reach marker fun:
The only trigger object that doesn't require actual interaction is the Reach marker. With that you can have the player to "do" various things without him knowing. So you can add an underlying layer of mission rules without making that layer too obvious to the player. I wish we could trigger the reach markers on and off.
For example, you check the order of execution of parallel Story board objectives.

- Dynamic lights:
The best light emitting objects are the yellow plasma leaks. They work great below ground or over the ceiling, too. Works perfectly in case of dark backdrops.

- Build stuff below ground!
Why good? Because they are not triggered so your BOFFs won't fall through the floor. Add the respawn point under the ground and kill the player nearby. The player will spawn up below ground, in the complex you built. Alternatively, you can use the teleport trick. For example, you want the player to go down to a mine shaft without map change.
In the mission The Long Sleep you started on board of a shuttle. Picked the landing point (moon or planet), eventually got transported to an underground facility, then to the court martial room. All that without map change.
You can even place windows to your "underground" buildings because the hills are not textured from the inside. You will just see the outside region. Also, worth mentioning, that you can have a 100% flat water map. Just somehow mask the ceiling because you will see the trees from below.

- One of the winter maps has a hole in the ground from which is so deep and steep, the playe can't escape. Great for a real and unexpected drop trap. Or maybe to "dig treasure up". On that map, the hills are textured from the inside

- Multi map variables + alternate maps v2:
If you really want to be highly advanced and branched, you can do multiple map branching. Consider this like old code type saves. You do the mission and before map change, you get a message that "Your access code is 216". And as you enter the next map, you are asked for the access code. Now the access code can be different based on the stuff you did on the map. If you did good, you get a code of 785. If you screwed up, you get the code 452 etc.
You don't need to use numbers. You can use colors. Or order of stuff. The point is, you get your status code, which you enter in a "masked" way on the next map.

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