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11-13-2013, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by blackjackwidow View Post
Just downloaded it and opened successfully in Excel 2007. Haven't done anything with it yet, but looking forward to playing with it again.

Thanks - again - for doing this. VERY useful.
That's great to know, I appreciate the update, and the kind words!

Originally Posted by kelley117 View Post
I have to say, I do not usually look into the forums. But today while waiting for the most recent patch I did. And a good thing I did too! I have been playing STO for 3+ years now and have only recently tried PvP... Needless to say I keep getting my backside handed to me on a GPL platter... However having read this thread and the thread by Fuzun (directing me here, and to the updated calculator) I do believe that my PvP game will improve. Thanks a bunch for the time and effort everyone has put out to create this very useful tool! I WILL be posting links to this thread for my fleet (15th Phoenix Guard) to use.

Thanks again!
What a great compliment! Thank you.

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