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11-13-2013, 08:50 PM
I had no idea petitions were not allowed on the forums, and so I apologize for any breach of conduct, it's been a while since I have read the forum rules, that's assuming I didn't just take a brief look and assumed that most of the agreement was generic like most forums and skip the rest.

Also, this thread has less to do with the bug as it does with my inability to understand how Cryptic manages to push so much new content every few months and yet seems to be unable to release one new thing without bugging a dozen others. As I have said I don't even own the Odyssey, I have the Vesta which seems to have its own issue right now, the damage immunity to hulls for the Quantum Hardened Shield Bubbles doesn't seem to work every time, I am not running it either as I am in a Recluse on my main Fed Sci, trying out the Obilesk Carrier on my FED Eng, who was in a Chel Gret before, I don't often use my Fed Tac, who at the moment is in the Risian Corvette, a Sci KDF in a Karfi, a Tac KDF in a B'rel Retrofit, and a Romulan Sci in a Scimitar.

Cryptic's uncanny ability to keep returning old bugs back into the game is disturbing me. When bugs return like this it suggests that they never really fixed the issue that cause them to begin with, which is usually the result of sloppy workaround code. I am starting to believe that some fundamental piece of the engine they use or some major functions in the game's code are so incredibly flawed and yet essential for the game to run that it isn't possible for Cryptic to actually fix problems without re-coding major portions of said code or the engine itself and instead of investing the time to fix it and taking a loss they continue to push new, yet broken content to make money.

If they postponed the release of a season to fix things like Red Alerts, Mail, Bug Reports (which by the way is partially broken in all the cryptic games that share the engine, namely bug reports submitted by one individual end up being responded to another individual, less than a month ago on Champions I had a response to a bug report that I never actually sent in, that was a bug in the beta of Champions that still hasn't been fixed,) I would be ecstatic.

These bugs have been reported, but as with dozens of others that are either likely to be either forgotten about, such as shield regen no longer being linked to shield power because Cryptic was unable to have ship shield regen values display properly with it, along with other decisions and/or bugs such as numerous science exotic damage abilities no longer being linked with aux power, and as stated before broken Red Alert entries, I doubt they will be fixed any time soon, more likely never.

Like I said this thread had nothing to do with the bugs themselves but Cryptic's inability to release a functioning and stable product.

[Edit]: The Vesta problem has been determined as well, when clicking it can be accidentally turned off. I had never experienced that problem myself but others had.

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