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# 2 Galaxy Retro Seperation
11-13-2013, 10:08 PM
The Galaxy class retrofit has done this too. With that ship, you as a player command the "star drive" section while the saucer flies around and gets itself killed mostly because the AI isn't smart enough for the saucer to "think" and protect itself. For example, the darned thing will fly right over to the Crystalline Entity..literally right on top of it and take blow after blow until its dead in space. It simply does not have any self preservation.

But, upon separation, the saucer will sometimes sit there and spin wildly or hover and twitch or zig zag or simply act like a dope.

Honestly, the Galaxy class ships deserve to be upgraded. This ship was one of the most important and ground breaking ships in Star Trek period, and it is sort of a slap-in-the-face that it is so weak, especially when ships that came before it seem to have more power and are much stronger. 2 tactical consoles? Seriously? This is where STO has failed, and yet they ignore all requests and comments regarding fixing this issue.