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11-14-2013, 05:58 AM
Originally Posted by shinzonisback View Post
I fully agree with dknight0001, BUT, I prefer the fleet Ha'Feh for these reasons:

1 - I love it, I even bought the Haakona to unlock the other customization options, and it is the most beautiful romulan ship.

2 - I don't like the Ar'Kif console layout, i want at least 3 engineering console slot.

3 - I don't like the Ar'Kif BOFF layout, i want 7 tac abilities, no more, no less.
I'd prefer the mogai Boff layout, 7 tac abilities and an Lt.Cmd Engineer.
You can give the Fleet Dhelan 7 tac powers by making the Lt Uni a Tac.

Or if you make it an Engineer it can run an A2B build.

Either way, it has 5 tac consoles, a Lt Cmdr Sci, and a better turn than the Mogai. Makes it my number one go-to Romulan escort.
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