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Originally Posted by violadan View Post
I just started my first Romulan toon, aligned him with the KDF and was hoping to stick him in a Vo'Quv once he reaches 50, but this doesn't seem to be an option. Does anyone know if a KDF aligned Rommy is able to use a Vo'Quv?
You can't use the Vo'Quv(as royalsovereign stated), or the Mirror Vo'Quv either. The lower-level Flight-Deck cruisers can be used, but not their Fleet Retrofits.

If you want a dual-hangar carrier at level 40+ you should run Sphere of Influence before the current event ends to pick up the Obelisk Carrier, as it's fairly comparable to the Vo'Quv, though it only has a Lt. Comm Sci, and can't field BoPs. After the event ends, you have to get it through the Fleet Spire instead of free.

Other than that, there's the Ar'kif Retrofit(single hangar, small craft only, flies like an escort), the Scimitar (single hangar, but has frigates at least) and lockbox carriers for carrier play.