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01-11-2010, 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by Keronn View Post

EDIT: And congrats to the winners, of course.
Actually, I think they are using the other definition of DERVISH :
"One that possesses abundant, often frenzied energy"

Honestly I don't like the name Dervish.
Emissary is very fitting, and is an homage to Sisko.
Destiny seems a bit ordinary (as well as overused).

I had gone with greek gods myself (often source of many ship class names). I wanted the Dervish class to be the Athena Class. (Athena: goddess of wisdom, war, strategy, justice and skill, and heroic endeavour)

I'd be curious to see the actual numbers for people who picked "dervish". I'm betting few actually heard the word used in their entire life, and even fewer know what it means. It seems too much like some nerd at Cryptic decided to ignore the other submissions and use their own.

As for Destiny, that was one of the first names I thought of (to use for the Cruiser, not the science ship however), but I thought to myself, "no no, I can think of something more intelligent and fitting".

The names are what they are though. Luckily we can pick our own names to go on the hull.