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Originally Posted by guard41 View Post
I have a question actually, could an engineer in a Falchion achieve something like that with a similar build? I'd love to have it be able to guard the Kang in the cure, for example.
could an engie pull of the same damage output? lol no. cryptic made the engie the victim class thats there to be the fat ***** that gets beat up by the others. limiting its ability to actually try & compete.
now they went and gave all the engies drain resistance abilities to doffs & warpcores and its heal ability is still useless due to how the ability is designed with lots of hp thats wasted due to no mitigation.

could an engie in a falcion guard kang? an engie in an assault cruiser can do that.
my engie in a support cruiser puts out about 9k dps, and thats with an eptX cycle setup.
as it turns out, an intrepid would lose a fight with a connie.
and thats canon.
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