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- Static space effect
Use is carefully. It disables the full impulse ability and the minimap, too. Players may not like to crawl around blind.

- The outside of storyboard type of branching
It is a great tool for branched missions with some restrictions.
You will need to spell out clearly what the player may need to do. You can't relay on the story board. If the current mission section is not clear, you risk losing the player altogether (1 star will follow).

- Fun with Map dialogs:
If you Fail one, it will not close, but will be put to the side of the screen with an Ops button. You can bring it up as many times as you want, wherever you want. Just keep on failing it. You can use this for many things.
- A Hint system: This way, you can "save" a conversaion for future use. Remind the player what, where and how to do.
- A spec inventory: You may "collect" mission specific items on the map. Those don't show in the real inventory, and the player may have a hard time following the stuff he has at the moment. Simply make each item a button and switch visibility based on finding/using the item. With the button approach, you can even add some small text about the item or object (for hints)
- BOFF interaction tool: You can't invoke conversation with your BOFFs. But with some careful planning, you can mimic this using the never completed map dialog. For example, you have a station with 3 rooms. Set up one reach zone in each room and tie the reach triggers. When you enter room 1, 4 buttons will spawn up in the dialog:
Ask... Tac officer about room1. Sci officer about room1... Raise ship or whatever. See hints.
- Optional story board

- Randomization

The reach marker way. Scatter the area with smaller radius reach markers randomly. If we assume, the player walks around in a somewhat random pattern (exploration mission, for example) he may or may not hit the markers. So say, if he hits marker 1, 4 and 7 a big explosion goes off. If he hits 3, 4 and 8 it starts to rain.

The combat way. You can mimic timers by having 1 strong group kill a weak one. If you pit 2 similar groups against each other, the outcome may vary. Both teams have a chance to win, thus you can invoke 2 events based on the elimination of team 1 or team 2.

- Enterable buildings, the triggery way
This works best on Vulcan buildings, but good for all bigger buildings as well. Add a trigger that activates if you stand next to a door on the vulcan building. Then have the trigger spawn off the original building and spawn on one that is in slightly shifted. This way, the player will be placed inside the building without map change. You can leave the building the same way.

- Create barren, moonline planetscapes
There are 2 huge platfoms that help you achive this. I can't recall the exact name, but one is something meadow and the other is something crystal. You need probably 50 or those to cover the entire map seamlessly. If you play around with rotation and elevation, you may create ravines and craters. If you do really well, you can create holes on the surface and build caves or structures underneath. Hint hint: Black walls double as Monoliths...

- Increasing the starting level
If you add say Borg to a map, you will not use, the mission will still be like level 46.

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