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11-16-2013, 07:19 PM
Jacob is stiing alone in his ready room when sinclaire walks in

Jacob: what is it now my friend

Sinclaires face is stern

Sinclaire: i have found someone on the citadel named Bishop. You better have a good explanation

Jacob: it all started before i got involved with the UNSC. I found out about it but fleet comm continued the program.

Sinclaire: so who or what is he then.

Jacob: A precursor

Sinclaire: which would explain his power and combat abilities. I thought they where mere legends and unlike preservers no proof was ever found they existed

Jacob: all true until a few decades ago. here is what we know now about the precursors.

He types a file

Dr. Anders precursor notes

" what we know about the precursors is still limited but here is what we do know. The precursors where one of if not the first race to be in the Virgo galaxy and at one point there empire expanded beyond Virgo into what is now covenant space or galaxy pi1. They where a race devouted to life and science. They did have a military but if was extremely small considering there empire. We believe they encountered something close to if not the same as the elbisi now. By the time they learned of how great the threat was and began committing to a military battle it was to late.Instead of allow all the races living in their empire to fall prey to this enemy they began to do two things.1. begin construction of instalations that would be put in the 4 quadrants of virgo and 2 catalog every sentient race in virgo. The devices once activated would wipe the galaxy clean of all life. And once this was done the auto mated systems would send the cataloged races back to there homeworlds to begin a new. A select few precursors where preserved in the instalations now called halo's. The UNSC has established scientific and military bases at each of the 4 installations and hs been studying them ever sense. What we know of the precursors themselves is that they where smart, strong, and valued life enough to destroy a galaxy to try and secure a future even at the cost of themselves."
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