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11-16-2013, 09:29 PM
Engineering Report-Personal Log...40 personnel were assigned to figure why the Emergency Batteries for Weapons and Auxiliary ship use, was shutting down. Now we are getting reports also that Away teams have been encountering random failure of Hypos, Personal Shield and Weapons backup batteries as well.

Every iota of ship and ground equipment is being torn down to mere components and being reassemble piece by piece to see where the problem lies. So far, early readings have not pointed the main cause on the malfunction, but there is evidence that something is occurring. I sent some equipment to the Science Dept...maybe they can lend a wider perspective to this ongoing mystery.

-Email Chime-

That was -------

*Eyes quickly follow one paragraph that seems to give an answer*

Blast!! The captain is not going to like this...

(After several confirmations of tests were done, it has been confirmed with a high degree of certainty, the cause of the power loss, was subspace disruption, and it was not a random occurrence. The pinpoint 'attacks' were concentrated on the power conduits leads of the units that were tested. It is advise that detectors are to be used immediately to locate any more potential breach into our 'space'.)

Chief Engineer to the Captain...we have a major problem on our hands...
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