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# 1 Fleet Ar'Kif?
11-16-2013, 11:02 PM
First off, I'm *loving* the Ar'Kif on my tactical captain. It's essentially a reskin of the Federation HEC with a tasty Singularity Core slot and a fairly nice universal console (although it still has issues, like shutting off on its own when my torpedoes fire occasionally). I run mine in a plasma build, and it works pretty well. However.

2 Engineering console slots is just not enough. Presumably the fleet version (We know it's coming because of the universal console that comes with the Ar'Kif from the C-store) will have 3 consoles there.

For pete's sake, can we have the fleet one already? It's *literally* a reskin of the Fleet HEC, with different console arrangement, there aren't any new consoles that'll be coming with it, and all that has to be done is add some shields, health, and a console slot and slap it up for people to buy. And maybe try and fix the universal console's habit of deactivating itself when torpedoes fire? But that can wait, I just want an Ar'Kif that won't pop when the Voth sneeze at it too hard. We know it's in the works, just send it already! Please?