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11-16-2013, 11:52 PM
My worst STF experience happened a while back. I was pugging the elites like i did back in the day, but this time, i was in my regent (on my main tac) and when i warped into the instance of ISe, there was only one person other than me in ther, the last leaver leaving right as i came in.
Normally, i'd be going 'lol, nope!' and leave, but something kept me in it. Wanting to test the build on this ship, i flew at the left gen, alone. Succeded in blowing 2 gems before i got blown. respawn, go back into certain death, getting the last gen on left and taking out a few spheres before blowing again.
After that, it was a solo tanking against the spheres, at which point the other person in the match comes to my aid. five minutes later, a third warps in. By then, the opt was blown by a long shot. But still we fought. It took forever, and we all died A LOT before the first transformer was killed. so we claw out way to the other side and repeat.
Overall, the match took about an hour, and i had run out of all the components to heal myself after death, so i was a floating wreck held together by chewing gum, rope, spit, and my own will.

Ironically, while it was my worst STF experience, it was also 1) the best stf experience because 3 did it and won, 2)a personal proving ground, 3) marked [to me] a threshold of pugging and failing and pugging and winning, and 4)worth it because i was able to throw my former fleet's doctrine of 'stick to your class' ship type' in their face