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11-17-2013, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
Honestly the console-crafting thing is a side discussion anyways (fueled by envy apparently). Really who uses Purple12 for anything other than ego?
I have mostly XII purple stuff on my Deep Space Science Vessel and I can't even come close to dealing the amount of damage others can, especially those with better ships.

I keep reading about how XII equipment is just about ego, but actually it's about not being useless in STFs and causing optionals to fail.

Certainly, optimization can help to a point. However, when adding up all the small percentage improvements one can get to the point where there is a considerable difference in effectiveness.

The high EC Exchange console problem could have been dealt with differently, along with the problem crafters have of getting a good console so rarely. The crafting mission could have been less demanding in terms of the DOFFs needed and the chance of not getting green. In fact, green consoles could have been eliminated altogether from the job. The result would be a lot more blue and purple consoles and thus lower prices due to higher supply. More people could craft if the DOFF requirements weren't so steep, including silver players who haven't spent Zen to increase the EC cap. The NADORC mission could have a shorter cooldown, too.

People thumb their noses at the crafters, but it does take quite a bit of time/EC/effort to get decent consoles. I spent about 10 million buying resolve doffs with one extra trait (like stubborn) and I crafted six consoles before I gave up. Of those I got one purple console and it wasn't worth much at all. Crafting in STO is broken because it costs more to craft than one can get from selling the crafted stuff. The fleet gear makes the problem worse.