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11-17-2013, 04:07 PM
MOL'RIHAN ELITE FORCES has been around since Season Seven and is focused on enhancing your game experience! Worried there is work involved with these enhancements? No way! We are here to support you! Which is why we have developed a fully professional management team focused on giving our players exactly what they want! We currently have 300 active players in our Starfleet branch, and are continuously growing our Romulan and Klingon fleets to match! Thats right! All three character Factions have their own Fleet, all connected by our main fleet chat channel!

What happens when everyone hits a T5 Starbase? What is going to set them apart from the others? Thats why we have spent the time to offer you MORE than anything in-game ever could. We are very willing to open our doors to members who are the right fit and who value the people they play with more than Starbases and energy credits.

Our vision is to develop a dynamic and friendly group of officers who are active and will take the time to get to know one another. We have taken the time to develop activities, services and exclusive members website to take STO Fleets to a new level. Want something more than that? All of our members have a say in what enhancements they want to see from the rest of the fleet. We want to develop the fleet into exactly what you envision!

Our goal is to create an online community of friends who love Star Trek as much as we do! We hope to have a group of active players who not only play and support each other, but become a close-knit group of friends while doing so.

Our promotions system isn't based on donations to the fleet holdings or bank. Rather, you are rewarded for doing missions and assisting other fleet members! The more you play, the closer you get to your next promotion!

To contact us visit our website at

If you are looking for an enhanced version of play, with new content added frequently... we are for you! We know other fleets say they are the "best" and "different" from everyone else... so we wont keep saying that but encourage you to try us out. Honestly, there is nothing we can say to prove ourselves... rather we can show you the difference.

Apply today at our website listed above!

If you ARE looking for a bit more structure and would like to contribute to the development of our fleet... we encourage you to apply for a position in Command (which acts as our management team). Each Admiral professionally contributes to the management and development of 4 fleet divisions. Together, they are staff working for the players to enhance their game play and help wherever possible.

We hope to see you soon!

Best way to contact us is through our state of the art website!

Director of Marketing

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