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How about leave them alone? The Dyson rep, for your first character takes 40 tokens to run to T5. Omega can be done in 18 ISE runs. Romulan in 4 Epohhs raised. Nukara, just pick it up as a side benefit whenever the Crystalline Event rolls around. This new format requires twice the grind of the old ones, and given that choice I'd rather deal with commodities.
How is it twice the grind? In ONE mission i can start my 20-hour. Pick up marks as i please to get 5 majiggers for days i only have time to log on, and good god i am so thankful at the removal of expertise needed on Dyson, that drives me nuts with the other three.
Inertia just means you can do Powerslides in you carrier!
I am Il Shadow and i approve these Shennanigans!