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11-18-2013, 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by capnshadow27 View Post
How is it twice the grind? In ONE mission i can start my 20-hour. Pick up marks as i please to get 5 majiggers for days i only have time to log on, and good god i am so thankful at the removal of expertise needed on Dyson, that drives me nuts with the other three.
Because buying those extra tokens costs 350 for 5, so 70 marks each, more than twice as much as any of the other reps. And even a good run of The Breach doesn't reward 70, so 1.9-or-so days per run at most, plus dealing with that stupid 20-hour timer. ISE gives you up to 90, plus sometimes bonus extra, and running an Omega project costs 30 or so (depending on tier), so you're getting 3 days for one run, and you can repeat it a couple times a day. And ISE (or CSE, or KSE) is a lot shorter to run besides. All that adds up to take at least twice as much actual play time required for Dyson as for any of the others.

On the expertise problem.....maybe doff more or something? I'm averaging 5 million surplus per toon and wish there was more use for it all.