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Because buying those extra tokens costs 350 for 5, so 70 marks each, more than twice as much as any of the other reps. And even a good run of The Breach doesn't reward 70, so 1.9-or-so days per run at most, plus dealing with that stupid 20-hour timer. ISE gives you up to 90, plus sometimes bonus extra, and running an Omega project costs 30 or so (depending on tier), so you're getting 3 days for one run, and you can repeat it a couple times a day. And ISE (or CSE, or KSE) is a lot shorter to run besides. All that adds up to take at least twice as much actual play time required for Dyson as for any of the others.

On the expertise problem.....maybe doff more or something? I'm averaging 5 million surplus per toon and wish there was more use for it all.
Dyson can be run in 40 days running the large project only. You can shave 3 days off if you run the small project 50 times (or 1000 dyson marks), for a total of 37 days.

By comparison, Omega/Romulus/Nukara reputation can be earned in 36 days, with 35 of the 2k mission and 36 of the 800 mission.

If you can handle ESTF Omega you can get 80+ marks a day in 10 minutes. And by the end of the 36 days your net mark income is 1000-1500 units. With the Tier 5 rep reward you should be able to buy an entire secondary set, ground set, or most of a space set. And that's only running one the ESTF per day.

New Romulus wasn't worth participating in, save for Epohh tagging where you can pull in more marks/minute than Omega if you can tag well (with or without crit on the dailies). You can run the Epohh portion for a month and collect enough marks (by selling Epohh) to top off the reputation.

Nukara is by far the worst with contempt seething from the payout schedule of the various activities available. You'll probably spend 30+ minutes just collecting the marks for the reputation assignments.

Dyson Sphere has MPD. It tries to be as terrible as Nukara while letting us keep the marks by focusing everything on a 2.5k project. The problem is, it's a toss up as to whether or not you receive the commendation for activity as apparently Borg prototype salvage, er, pardon, neural receivers... oh wait I mean Voth Cybernetic implants drop in place of the commendation (on space maps). So you may end up spending an hour watching people camp a shuttle bay because they can't be bothered to cover two lanes.

The reputation system has a bigger problem though, it's the reason why we have to spend weeks grinding marks and Dilithium to obtain enough virtual currency to buy a single piece of equipment OR worse, the "privilege to buy it" (as per the pre-DSJC reputation where some genius decided 180 marks + other items = the "right to buy garbage for one character.")

Cryptic needs to undo at least that part. Getting rid of the "salvage for items" was the biggest mistake they made.