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11-18-2013, 07:30 PM
People are actually complaining about the Avenger being 'weak'? Seriously?

Let me point out a quick comparison here:


Check out the stats on those two ships, with the Tor'kaht being the closest KDF equivalent to the Avenger. Check them out, and then decide whether you think the Avenger is 'weak' or 'junk'. Before the Avenger, the Tor'kaht was arguably the best non-Romulan tactical-focused battlecruiser in-game. The Avenger outperforms it in a number of ways, including boff station layout. It outmanuevers every KDF battlecruiser due to its ridiculously high inertia rating.

The Federation just got the best non-Romulan battlecruiser in-game, completely stealing another edge from the KDF, and people have the NERVE to complain? OP, I've got some advice for you: Shut up and learn how to fly battlecruisers, 'cause it's obvious you don't know how if you think the Avenger is 'weak'. It's not a bloody escort, it's a battlecruiser. The only thing escort-like on this thing is the inertia, everything else is battlecruiser-level, including the blasted hull strength. Treat it like one.
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