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11-19-2013, 01:21 AM
Originally Posted by cptshephard View Post
Haha! I was thinking of doing something similar with either the T'varo or the Dhelan.
I dunno about the Official Efficiency of it all, but its just hilarious to fly. Bunch them up with the Gravity Well, sensor scan to lot, then hit them with the Spread 3 followed by the Destabilized Plasma Torp, makes such a wonderful mess. My current record is a 244k hit, but that was with 5 people super-stacking debuffs on a tac cube, so obviously not an average hit, but it was awesome. If you were to do serious PVP and PVE-DPSing, the Fleet Dhelan's 5th tac console and boff layout is probably mathematically superior, but the T'varo and its consoles are just so much fun.