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11-19-2013, 10:33 AM
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I also briefly considered the Ar'Kif.. but to use it's Lt Cmdr slot for science would leave me with the ability to only use one ensign engineering power; could be interesting but I doubt it would work very well. The D'deridex would also be a well rounded option since it has a Lt Cmdr science slot, but I already use a Fleet D'deridex on my Rom Engineer.
I sometimes fly the Ar'Kif with just the single ensign eng slot. I enjoy it a lot, the fighters help compensate for not having Aux2Batt but its weapons are not as strong as an Aux2Batt build. That should be expected when leaning towards Sci though. The Dhelan is what I flew before the carrier and the difference is negligible.

I get an extra CC in the carrier with Target engines and in the Dhelan I would get an extra Hull heal that I don't often use in PvE.

TSS, Ep2S, HE and Singularity powers are more than enough for PvE missions. For PvP I jump into the T'varo and never look back