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11-19-2013, 10:54 AM
Currently my Rom-KDF sci captain is flying a fleet T'varo Retrofit with the 2-piece T'varo set, kitted for torpedoes (link).

Before I switched to a torpedo focus, I flew a sci-orieinted build with TB1/TBR1/GW1 in the uni slot and HE1/TS2 in the sci slot, and using the singularity abilities as secondary sci abilities. A lot of people underestimate the sing powers but they are very useful when buffed with sci skills. All of the Fleet and C-store T5 ships except the Mogai are very good for this kind of usage (Mogai does not have the seating--dunno why people keep recommending it for sci captain, its useless).

I have a vague intention of getting both Tal Shiar ships on that captain eventually but it probably wont ever happen. I am also thinking about buying the Draguas even thought its only a T4 ship, for the Aceton platforms and it also has a Cmdr sci station and so it could be useful for some end-game content that does not have a lot of one-hit ships.

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