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11-19-2013, 12:55 PM
I'd like an evolution of the J-class freighter. Most notable on screen for its ability to seperate from the cargo section. In game, it'd be just like saucer sep or multi vector. Drop the cargo component off, defend it in a smaller, more maneuverable ship comparable to say, a runabout, light cruiser, tier 1 escort, maybe somewhere in the middle of all that.

The cargo module wouldn't be a pet, of course, it'd just sit there. Maybe it could have some cool support ability. Act like a tougher stationary phaser satellite that did lesser turret instead of beam damage, maybe a supply aura that increases hull regen/repair of ships within 5 km or something. Maybe a poor man's photonic displacement, where the enemy stays aggroing it (logically wanting the cargo more than the crew) and the smaller ship gets a temporary threat decrease. Playing off that, maybe ships within X kilometers of it can't be targeted or be the target of AOE attacks for the same reason: The enemy would want the cargo module intact.

There's all sorts of things that could be done with it, but I think that just the seperation ability alone, before any added support bonuses from the other half would be a lot of fun. I'd shell out money for it.