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11-20-2013, 11:58 AM
Originally Posted by ricosakara View Post
silently dropped packets? what are those, and how do I deal with this problem? How do I use a pathping utility on the prompt?
'pathping' is very much like the 'tracert' utility. you can follow the same instructions as 'tracert', but use 'pathping' instead...

Now there isn't anything you can really do about 'dropped packets' (packets that are lost, or thrown away during transmission...) as this is a ISP issue. But the 'pathping' should be able to show who's to blame for the problem, and if its the Cogent backbone that's causing, you can forward the information to Cryptic/PWE so they can deal with it. If its not Cogent, then you can complain to your ISP to fix it...

But you have to know who's the responsible party is first, before you can do any of this...