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11-20-2013, 05:48 PM
Thanks for all of the excellent feedback!

Lots of great ideas here. I think I'm going to try out each ship in turn once I hit cap on that character and see which meshes best.

Originally Posted by telbasta7386 View Post
I'll never understand why so many people insist on matching their ship type to their career choice, it's one of the worst possible ways to play IMO. I tend to pick a ship that doesnt match up to my career, so that the two complement one another. I.e. I play tacticals in science vessels or cruisers, engineers in escorts or science vessels, and science officers in escorts.

My romulan science captain runs a fleet mogai - it's essentially an escort as far as manuverability and weapons/tactical boffs go, but it's got nearly as much hull as a cruiser, a fairly high shield modifier, and a more engineering-oriented secondary boff layout. As far as I'm concerned it's one of the best ships in the game for a hybrid of survivability and damage output.
I enjoyed the mogai when I was leveling my Rom Engineer. I eventually settled on the D'deridex, not because he was an engineer, but becaues I've loved that ship since seeing it in TNG.

I don't really try to match character class with ship but sometimes it happens. For the longest time I had my Fed Engineer in a science vessel and I loved it, but I loved the playstyle of the assault cruiser more; he just happened to BE an engineer. It's funny because I generally gravitate toward science powers. I love Gravity Well.

For some reason I just can't get into the Ha'nom and I want to find another option that still has some science kick to it. This character just happens to be a science officer, I like science powers; which is funny because my engineer's ship only has a Lt Science slot.. so I'm constantly looking for gravity well and remembering it doesn't have it lol.

Originally Posted by jagdhippies View Post
Sadly the Fleet Dhelan is my ride. It is good fun debuffing something before melting it's face off. The dhelan is a great boat for cannons.

I wanted to play science but I also don't care for the hanom.
I thought it and the T'varo looked like it might be. I especially like the Dhelan now that I've discovered it has different wing customizations. I honestly never really messed with ship appearance until I get to T5, I forget why I was even doing it but I found it has single wing options and I think it looks pretty awesome. Kind of like a precursor to the Mogai.

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