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11-20-2013, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
Fleet Avenger is my new favorite ship to fly. Tactical captain and 7 beam arrays + cutting beam. Dual Aux2batt setup. Tanky as hell while running ZERO armor consoles nor RCS consoles. All crit consoles + Plasmonic leech and Aux batteries. I'm normally running 125 in weapons (overcapping as much as possible) , 130 in shields and 90 in engines.

I've actually gone solo against 2 bug ships and killed them both in under 15 seconds. I couldn't do that in either of my bug ships unless they were completely incompetent. Massive pressure dps. On top of that I'm also set up to run! 50km in 5 seconds if on CD! GL if I get my GDF+APA and your RSP is on CD. DEM3 is completely OP right now.
I'm having a hard time understanding what you said here. Please explain what all of the acronyms are?