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11-20-2013, 07:22 PM
Overall I like the ship very much, even the looks of it. But it has this unique Kitbash touch. Mix a downgraded Cruiser and Escort together, there is your Avenger.

What I am most dissapointed in is the VATA console. I mean this ship should be something special itself and not because of a console that you can store away because you can't put it on another ship.

There I hoped for a unique in-built ship ability that makes the Battlecruiser unique itself and not because of a console that feels like a Hangar Pet.

My thoughts:
- at least 2 Subsystem Targeting abilities or
- a Micro-projectile Launcher (Torpedo or Mine) in contrast to Phaser Lotus/Spinal Lance or
- in-build Tier1of FAW/CRF/CSV or...

Why not a Hybrid ship composed of all three ship types? No uber-ship, but with the best they have to offer:
12 Turn-rate and Sub-Target from a Science ship
Weapon capabilities from an Escort
Defense from a Cruiser.

I do have both Avengers and I am planing on making a beam boat and a cannon boat with 2x 30% RCS Consoles.

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